Inverter for electric pump control

  • It controls the start and stop functions of the traditional electric pump (surface, vertical and submersible) and modulates the motor rotations according to the water request from the system. Hammering is reduced and inrush starting current avoided.
  • Constant pressure.
  • Integrated pressure transducer.
  • Possibility to desable the flow sensor if the water is not perfectly clean of ferrous.
  • Energy saving
  • Protection against dry running.
  • Automatic reset in event of dry running
  • Protection against leakages, over pressure, over heating, rotor blocking and abnormal power supply.
  • Motor over current control
  • Digital indication of the pressure, the voltage, the current and the motor frequency.
  • Adjustment of the frequency with temperature´s increasing
  • Programmable input and output for different functions( enable, double set-point, error, master/slave configuration)
  • Multilinqual display with 16 characters
  • Wi-fi connection from smartphone (optional)


Power mains supply:  single-phase 230Vac±15% - 50/60Hz
Motor power output:
single phase 220V
three phase 230V (selectable)
Max motor power:
1x220V - 2Hp - 10,5A
3x230V - 3Hp - 9,7A
Max allowable pressure:  800 KPa (8 bar)
Fluid temperature:
 5° C - 45° C
Ambient temperature:
5° C - 45° C
Pressure drop: 0,1 bar at 150 l/min
Set-point adjustment range: 0,5 ÷ 8 bar
Hydraulic connection: male - male 1“ ¼
Protection degree: IP X5
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