Pressure and flow controllers BRIO

Electronic device for electric pump control

  • It automatizes the start and stop operations of single-phase electric pumps (surface, vertical and submersible).
  • It completely replaces the traditional water system with pressure switch and pressure tank.
  • It starts the electric pump after a pressure decrease (taps opening) and stops it when the fluid flow interrupts at the maximum pressure level of the electric pump (taps closing).
  • Protection against dry running.
  • Inspectionable and integrated check valve
  • Smart autoreset tries to restart the pump with variable time interval at each attempt,after the block for dry running
  • Anti-seize motor function start the pump every 24th of stand-by to avoid the rotor´s locking.
  • Adjustable starting pressure.
  • Installation in any position - both vertical and horizontal
  • Easily replaceable electronic printed circuit board.
  • No maintenance required
  • Installation in a by-pass mode
  • Minimum flow for continuous pump working reduced to 2.5 It/min
  • Press drop, thanks to the new internal design, at 100 It/min it´s only 0.45 bar
Power supply: 115-230Vac ±10% 50/60Hz
Max rated current: 12A
Max allowable pressure: 10 bar
Protection degree: IP 65
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